About us

At Kohetoor Jewelry

we view each piece not merely as an accessory, but as a canvas for expressing your unique identity and style. Our passionate team is dedicated to embarking on a transformative journey to redefine elegance within the realm of jewelry.

Our creations transcend beyond being just gold-filled and water-resistant; they embody the indomitable spirit within every woman. When adorned with Kohetoor Jewelry, it's more than embellishment – it's an embrace of the unyielding tenacity that resides within you.

Wearing Kohetoor isn't just about donning beautiful pieces; it's about embracing a symbol of your own strength. We aspire for every woman to feel powerful, confident, and unstoppable in our jewelry. It serves as your armor, your daily reminder, and your wellspring of inner strength. In every piece, we weave a narrative that beauty and resilience not only complement each other but coexist harmoniously, creating a testament to the belief that every woman is inherently both beautiful and resilient.

Meaning of our name

'Kohetoor" is a fusion of two words that hold great significance to us. "Kohe" represents the mountains, symbolizing strength, endurance, and the foundation of our craftsmanship. "Toor" signifies a star, representing the brilliance and uniqueness that each of our creations possesses. Together, they form the essence of our brand, embodying the perfect blend of strength and sparkle.